Connect your Digital… Connect with Customers!                                              

1. Dedicated VOLUME Account Leader to coordinate all media platforms, production, and your analytics to ensure all elements are working towards one common goal of conversions.

2. For SEM: Focus on your core, low-funnel terms first. These searchers are ready to buy, they just need to decide where they’re going. Protect your own backyard to see how your leads are impacted by distance. Optimize for mobile. With mobile traffic increasing significantly year over year, don’t play roulette with your leads. Maintain a strong mobile presence in the results so you don’t miss out on valuable traffic, and make sure your website is fast-loading and easy to navigate on a mobile phone. Track the actions that matter. Form submissions, phone calls, questions through chat – all of these help you begin to build a relationship with your customer. VDP views are the archaic dinosaur that keeps showing up to the party – they aren’t providing you with additional information or insight about your customer, especially if you ads are directing to a VDP / VRP

3. Get highly invested with digital video that allows for pin-point targeting, optimization, and tangible metrics that we can see driving conversions.  We use YouTube TrueView to extend reach with completed views and help drive impressions/awareness.

4. Your audience is on Soical Media a lot, so should your brand and inventory access.  We make the coordination possible and simple, measuring results every week to optimize your conversions.